Why Should You Choose Paper Pallets from U.G. Paper?

Our highly durable paper pallets are both safe and stable, and will not deform when stacked.

U.G. paper pallets can be used in automated packaging conveyors.

The excellent quality of our paper pallets ensures consistent operations during highly humid environment.

We have over 20 years of professional experience and have a large number of customers who use our product.

Made from reusable, 100% all-natural, and recyclable materials that are eco-friendly and functional.

We can develop and customize products to conform to the needs of our customers.


U.G. focuses on the development, design, and production of high quality paper pallets and customized paper boxes.
We are here to serve your every need.

Paper Pallets

Our products are the best paper pallets on the market. These pallets are extremely durable and can withstand up to 7 tons. They can be used normally in highly humid environments, can be used in automated packaging conveyors, and are 100% recyclable and reusable.

Heavy Packaging

U.G. Paper produces machinery-type heavy packaging boxes and paper pallets. We design customized, stable, durable packaging that help to enhance our customers’ product image and meet our customers’ needs.


We offer edgeboards and various other peripherals made from paper pallet to provide even better packaging support and safety. These quality accessories will allow you to ship and stack safely without having to worry about products tipping or falling over.

Paper boxes

We custom produce paper boxes, masking tape, screw cap boxes in a variety of sizes to meet your needs.

Customized Designs

R&D has always been a priority to U.G. Paper, and we are devoted to help our customers customize products according to their needs. This enhances the overall packaging quality and allows consumers to feel the thoughts and quality put into the packaging.

Non-woven fabrics

Our non-woven fabric products are produce by spraying thin jets (0.1 mm) of highly pressurized (40~120 kg/cm2) at fiber webbing. No chemical adhesives are used to produce our non-woven fabrics.

ECO-7 Ink supply system for printing press using water-based ink

End of high ink consumption and lots of waste ink and wastewater

ECO-7 Ink supply system for printing press using water-based ink

  • Easily supplying and cleaning ink in digitized and systemized water-based process,preventing operators from discharging waste ink arbitrarily.
  • For ink supply tube, thin tubes are used and suitable for systems using rubber rollers or squeegee blades,and in which the residual ink can be cleaned with little water.
  • Ink grooves on both sides have been modified to V-shaped,so as to prevent the ink from building up onto L-shaped corners in ink grooves, and make it easy to clean.
  • ECO-7 system uses bumps to supply and return ink; therefore no ink builds up inside tubes.
  • The excessive ink will be scraped away around ink rollers, so there will be no ink-throwing,or any ink accumulation.
  • Effectively recycling ink of high density for re-filling to save ink.
  • Enjoying benefits such as reduced wastewater, ink consumption, and mud; plus clean machines and less need of maintenance.
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ECO-7 Digitized control

Will rely on human judgments in the past, to the digital system to more accurate implementation, for you to save more cost, reduce ink loss

New development and design, precise control

Effective recovery of waste ink, re-use, reduce the amount of waste water
Excellent ink design, precision control with ink, to improve the environment clean and tidy, to enhance efficiency and environmental protection